Worshiping CHANEL; unflatteringly.

Each time I fancy a celebutante, I generally end up with one name behind the pestering of establishing such identity. Unpropitious the doubts, it’s CHANEL.

Chanel is a vocabulary, a set of canons, a discipline, a grammar.                                                                                                                         -Inside Chanel


Synonym to fashion, it’s timeless, snazzy, chic, and elegant. Its creations are mere masterpieces, made with effort, love, and passion for the comfort of the body and for the aesthetics of the eyes. It upholds the idea of subtle luxury that could be felt, but never fully defined. The ideology of the brand intrigues me as much as the founder; Gabrielle Chanel. Born under the sun of Leo in 1883, to a laundress and a traveling peddler. The mother died at 32, exhausted by life. The father abandoned his five children. Probing into her world, I  discovered, life was never easy for her, yet she had the audacity to follow her dreams. Back in 1920’s the loss due to the world war was dominating the market and the tension was all over when she decided to free women from conservative clothing. She transformed the female silhouette, cut short the dresses, revealed the ankles, and gave freedom to the waist. She is to be credited for bringing The little black dress into existence, for promoting simplicity and evoking the status of color, ‘black’, from mournful to the ultimate color of elegance.

Gabrielle closed an era and launched a new century of fashion.                                                                                                                                      -Inside Chanel

Her journey of discovering her lost identity and the transformation to COCO CHANEL is one of it’s kind. When the second world war was announced, she was at the height of her career when finally she decided to shut her stores, convinced, it is no longer the time for fashion, all in the name of humanity.  But that wasn’t the end of her story. After 25 years, she returned to the industry. She stood against the men who have one again trapped women in Corsets and full skirts. She united her team and worked, worked till she sweated blood. At 71 years old, she brought more than a style, a revolution. She is a woman to be hopelessly admired for her contribution to the world of fashion. To me, she surely is an idol, an inspiration. She aspires me to be me, to hold onto my unique expression of freedom, to believe that the only limit that exists is the one within me.









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