For diving into my world, you need to know me a little deep. How about getting to know my future livelihood?                                                                                                                       Yes, I am an aspiring FASHION DESIGNER and I’ll be joining a fashion school this summer. It has been a childhood dream for me to get to study fashion as a major. Why I want to study it, is because,

I want to run this world with my sense of aesthetics.

I hopelessly believe that being a designer is empowering in its own way. I get to set trends, bring revolution, break stereotypes, bend the rules, foster few century-long impressions, also be an inspiration for generations ahead. And the sense of happiness associated is pretty invaluable.

I believe there always lies a nonpareil gratification in Cashmere scarf from Hermès, classic little black dresses from Chanel, Burberry’s iconic trench coats, Jimmy Choo’s exotic handmade footwears or The Birkin Bag and the wishlist go on. I want to make a cut to one such list and rule there. I want to create timeless pieces, nurture them with my blood and sweat, to make them your priceless possession.



I want people to be afraid of the people I dress.                                                                                                                                                                    -Alexander McQueen








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